After Effects animation presets

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sb PositionFromAOV

This preset sets position and rotation values of a 3d layer, based on sampled color values from of a World Position and a World Normals render pass.

To get the card to line up to your render, make sure you have set the world scale and origin to match your camera.

The expression might need some tweaking depending on what application was used to render the image. Tested with Nuke and Maya render passes.

As Position passes often have very high values, make sure you work in 32bpc.

The expression used for converting rotation values was posted by Ivan Busquets on the Nuke Mailing List.

sb Keylight

This preset allows you sample average color values of a layer, with control of the sample area radius.

After Effects lacks the possibility to sample color values while viewing the alpha channel, or, sampling while viewing your comp in context. This preset allows you to do just that.

It might seem like a l lot of trouble to just sample color, and yes, it is, but that's just how much I miss some sampling features when doing keying work in After Effects.

sb Clamp       

This preset will clamp the black and white values at a set value.

Only RGB channels will be affected, as alphas are clamped internally by After Effects.

sb Contrast  

This preset will add contrast to your footage, with additional control over the pivot point.

Adjusting the pivot point might give you a more visually pleasing contrast curve, depending on the color space of your footage.

Expression to control pivot point shown by Tahl Niran at (vfx201).

sb PickWhiteBalance   

This preset allows you to pick an area of your image that is white/gray, and the white balance will be adjusted accordingly.

Be sure to sample an area that isn't clipped in any of the color channels.

sb ManualWhiteBalance

This preset allows you to manually adjust the white balance of your image.

Move the sliders for temperature and tint until you get a desired result.

sb Checkerboard

This preset adds a white/grey checkerboard to your layer.

The default checkerboard effect in After Effects only has the option to set one of the colors of a checkerboard.